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Monday, 18 May 2009

a quick catch up (part ein)

Trying to fit 3 months' worth of events into one blog post is pretty impossible for me.. Hell, I find it difficult fitting one day in sometimes.. So I'll have to split this one up and try miss out any unnecessary details (wish me luck)!

The Medical: I finished my medical trial. After a few incidents of accidental blood squirting and inability to find my arteries (and an uncanny ability to find my nerves instead) I survived unscathed: no scars - physical or otherwise. My nurses, Vanessa and Debbie, were very friendly and made the time go quickly during those long hours laying still, strapped to uncountable and ceaselessly beeping machines. Plus I got myself a nice fat £400 cheque at the end of it...

The Music: I managed to play a few more Open Mic nights at Whistle Binkies and got to know Alan, the sound technician, fairly well - an acquaintance that would prove to be quite helpful a little later on down the track. My guitaring skills are still a bit hit and miss at the moment but, hey, that's what practise is all about... I haven't hit Whistle's in over a month now and don't intend to do so any time soon, I'm just a little too busy plus my humble abode is now situated across town!

Some Friends: For one night only! That should be the subtitle to the evening of Saturday the 28th of February, when an old school friend, Jimmy Marin and his girlfriend Amanda popped over to see Lee and I. We checked out a very messy club called Why Not, which somehow seemed to maintain the illusion of poshness about it (probably because it's situated on "posh street" otherwise known as George Street). Free jugs of vodka/redbull greeted us at the door and I managed to embarassingly and unintentionally score a pash from the most drunk (yet still ridiculously posh) girl on the dancefloor. A night to remember.... Good or bad...

The Flat: After a few weeks of work and 2 months of couch surfing in Edinburgh I decided it was a good time to get out of Lee's hair (well, her lounge room anyway) and find myself my own accommodation. I used Gumtree to post a "Looking for" ad. Within 24 hours I had about 10 phone calls.. One of those callers was Carolyne, living in the west end and looking for someone to move into her spare room to offset some of the costs of owning a house. I checked the place out and just couldn't say no. I moved in by the weekend.
But the phone calls, texts and emails didn't stop there. For the next 2 weeks I was getting about 5 or 6 missed calls a day. I stopped checking my voicemail. Probably not such a good thing since one of the calls was from Debbie (one of the nurses from the medical trial) telling me that they were concerned that my white blood cell count was bouncing between normal levels and extremely low. To this day I still don't know the cause of this but they suggested a good multi-vitamin and healthy diet as a good way to try and regulate it. I would like to say I've taken their advice on board fully, but that would be a lie - I put it down to saving money...


in the bathtub with some stoned friends...


a mishap at the hospital

putting NZ on the map!

the various machines i had the pleasure of being hooked upto..